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New DME D330 energy meter

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New DME D330 energy meter

The new three-phase energy meter with CT insertion, model DME D330, has been designed to combine the utmost ease of use with a wide range of advanced functions.
Despite the extremely limited dimensions of the modular housing (just 4 modules), the energy meter features the same performance as a high-level device.
The backlit LCD display permits a clear and intuitive user interface.
The DME D330 also features an isolated RS485 communication interface with Modbus protocol to permit supervision and a tariffing input.

General characteristics

  • Three-phase energy meter
  • CT insertion
  • 4U (72mm) modular construction for DIN rail
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Built-in RS485 interface
  • AC tariffing input
  • 3 navigation buttons for functions and settings
  • Metrological LED for energy flow indication
  • High-accuracy true root mean square (TRMS) measurement
  • Active energy measurement according to EN62053-22 class 0.5s
  • Active and reactive energy meters, total and by individual phase
  • Total and partial energy meters that can be reset
  • 1 total hour counter and 4 partial hour counters
  • Programmable input (e.g. for tariff selection)
  • 2-level password protection for settings
  • Backup copy of original settings
  • Fitting does not require tools
  • Terminal covers that can be lead sealed
  • Texts in 6 languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German).

Compatibility with Synergy and Xpress software
Thanks to its built-in RS485 serial port, DME D330 is already compatible with the current version of Synergy supervision software, which can be downloaded from the  www.lovatoelectric.com web site.

Running the new  Xpress configuration and control software, access to DME D330 is possible to:

  • modify all the parameters;
  • send commands;
  • verify open alarms;
  • monitor the main measurements.

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Sayfa 75 / 131     

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